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True Friendship

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At Cesar, we’re all about sharing. We believe that the best life and the best world are ones that we share. Sharing makes everything better. Love and joy are doubled, while sadness and troubles can be halved.

And nothing is more important to us than sharing the joy of true friendship with our dogs, and the contentment it brings to them and us. From the liveliest playtimes to those snoozy moments, we’re their family, their friends and forever at their service.

That’s why we’re obsessed with making delicious, healthy recipes that dogs love – so every meal is a shared moment of happiness.

Our premium dog food is carefully crafted to bring delight to our small dogs, from the natural, human-grade ingredients to the healthy balanced nutrition, the real-food look, and even the size and shape of the packaging.

We source all our ingredients responsibly, from trusted sources, and we take very seriously our shared responsibility for sustainability. We work hard to ensure our paws tread lightly on the world, leaving it a better place for future generations of dogs and people. You can read more about our sustainability initiatives here.

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The science of the Doggy Dance

We employ many methods to judge our food’s success, but by far the most rigorous is the Doggy Dance.

This is the excited little wiggle we observe in dogs when they realise they’re about to be fed a Cesar wet dog food recipe. Its characteristics include a wildly happy face, a furiously wagging tale and a distinct shimmy in the region of the posterior.

Our vets hypothesise that this may be related to the famous Pavlov’s Dogs theory, but it is more likely to simply be an involuntary physical reaction to the delectable whiff of Cesar.

Research continues.

Five ways dogs make our lives better

At Cesar, we work with the vet-led Waltham Centre to ensure our food is perfectly balanced for doggy healthy. In their research on the human-dog relationship, they’ve found some pretty interesting stats that prove, once and for all, the benefits of having a dog and the huge value of these shared friendships.

Man and dog walking together outside

Heart health:

Research has repeatedly shown a relationship between pet ownership and lower cardiovascular disease, as well as higher recovery rates. This could be down to the extra exercise of dog-walking, lower stress or greater socialisation among other things.

Man and dog walking together outside
Girl playing with Westie in garden

Child wellbeing

A new study has shown that dogs can help reduce anxiety and promote social confidence in children. This is believed to be because dogs offer non-judgmental support, as well as increasing cortisol levels in children when they pet their dogs, reducing stress levels.

Westie sitting on an old woman's lap at couch


The Caring People Inc initiative, supported by the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, has shown that elderly pet owners are 36% less likely to report loneliness, while 40% have received support from someone they met through their pet.

Westie sitting on an old woman's lap at couch
Old man and a dog sitting on bench under the tree

Pet therapy

Research has found that among patients with a similar type of joint replacement, those who had daily visits from a trained therapy dog required 28% less oral pain medication.

Man with a dog on his lap reading e-reader

Memory and more

Among older homebound adults, having a pet has been shown to promote executive function – such as paying attention, remembering details, and learning from past experiences – and has widely been shown to improve mental wellbeing.

Man with a dog on his lap reading e-reader

You can visit the Waltham Institute’s website Opens a new window to read more of their research on the wonderful human-dog bond.

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