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How to Make Your Dog Happy
How to Make Your Dog Happy

How to Make Your Dog Happy

As a responsible pet parent, you must always keep your dog happy and healthy. The best way to do that is by giving it love, attention, and care. Dogs love spending quality time with their guardians which is also great for their mental stimulation.

Keeping your fur baby happy and satisfied will also ease things out for you. There will be no loud barking, late nights, and difficult behavior to tackle. The best part is that whatever you do to keep your dog happy will also be a fun-loving activity for you!

Different breeds can have varied needs, but some things are the same for all dogs. If you are wondering how to make your dog happy, we have curated a list of things that you can do:

Give it tasty food and treats

The most basic and easiest solution to make your dog happy is to give it plenty of tasty food and treats. To conquer its heart, you must please the stomach. Dogs love different snack options, treats, dog food, etc. If you want to find out what it loves the most, observe its smell instincts. Your pooch will start wagging its tail and start following you as soon as you open a packet of food that appeals to it. If you want to try this out, just open a Cesar Classic tray; we guarantee a drool-worthy moment!

Take your dog for grooming sessions

Yes, it is common for most dogs to not like showers or bathing in general. But, when you take your dog for grooming sessions, it may soon realize that it is just an act of pampering. You can even do some dog styling at home. Some groomers offer fun bathing options like swimming around in a pool with an attendant. Post that, your Fido can enjoy some salon treatments, get their fur trimmed, put on fur protectants, accessories, and look majestic!

Give your dog a relaxing massage

As humans, we all love massages. But have you noticed that when you stop scratching and massaging your pooch at a particular spot, it starts barking, making noises, or stretching out its paw to you? This is an indication of how much it loves massages. And when your pet asks for massages with that puppy face and glistening eyes, there is no way you can say ‘no’. So, if you are wondering how to keep a dog happy, this is one of the easiest ways.

Bring new toys or keep switching the existing ones

Dogs are just like kids, playful and always in search of a new toy! If your floof loves chewy toys or has a preference to play fetch, it is time to invest in different toys. Look for durable options since dogs love to chew and destroy things. This is a common canine pass-time and signals that they love their toy! Buying toys also help you avoid any disasters at home when your doggy gets bored. Many dogs have resorted to biting and tearing home furniture, pillows, etc.

Plan playdates with and for your dog

Dogs love running around and playing. If you take your dog to a field, you will be able to witness its happiness! Your pooch spends most of its time at home or roaming around on a leash. Going out on little playdates can help your dog relax and stimulate its mind. You can play fetch with your floof or plan a playdate with other friendly pets.

Take your pooch on drives

A change of scenery is always good! As discussed above, taking your pooch out is important since it mostly stays at home. Taking it out on drives will help improve its mood, increase energy, and promote overall health. Besides, it is just another reason to go for a spin!

Behavioral praises go a long way

You saw your pooch being an extremely obedient fur baby? Praise it! All pet parents love pampering their dogs and making sure that their efforts do not go unnoticed. While most of us do it naturally to express our love, it also helps them remember what kind of behavior leads to treats, love, and most important of all, belly rubs!

Train it for alone time

As pack animals, canines are used to being in a group. Leaving them alone for a long time can cause anxiety or separation anxiety in dogs. This can cause major drops in energy and can also lead to depression in some dogs. If you do not have helpful neighbors or dog walkers, invest in interactive toys. You can also buy automatic food dispensers; your Fido can play puzzles and win small amounts of food!

Spend quality time with your dog

If there is one thing that every dog loves, it is their pet parents. Dogs are loving animals and enjoy spending time with their loved ones. Make sure that you at least give your dog 15-30 minutes of your time every day before you hit the bed.

Keep changing your dog’s routine

Keep introducing new play times, activities, and different walk locations to your floof. This will help keep things fresh and your dog will never complain. Make sure that when you are changing its routine, you include things that it likes. For instance, if it loves playing fetch, ensure that you go to a park frequently. Take your dog to pet-friendly cafes and restaurants with you and keep switching things!

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the 4 signs a dog is happy?

    Your dog’s body language can help determine whether it is happy. Here are the 4 most common signs of a happy dog:

    • It is wagging its tail
    • It has a relaxed posture
    • It is playful and active
    • It has floppy and relaxed ears
  • How do dogs show excitement?

    When your dog is excited, it will run around, bark, wag its tail, lean on you, and in general be very playful.

  • How can I make my dog always happy?

    If you are wondering how to make your dog happy, here are a few things that you can do:

    • Praise your dog for good behavior
    • Keep changing your dog’s toys
    • Play games like ‘fetch’ with it
    • Shower your dog with treats
  • What makes a dog happy?

    Taking your dog out for walks or for outdoor playtime can make it the happiest. Exercise is also great for your dog’s mental and physical health.

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