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11 Best Dog Hairstyles
11 Best Dog Hairstyles

11 Best Dog Hairstyles

Remember when a trip to the groomer meant a bath, haircut, brushing and a paw-dicure? Thanks to a range of newer options and services, things have changed.

Today's fashion-savvy dog groomers are going far beyond yesterday's basic services. In our fashion-forward world, well-primped pooches can walk out of the grooming salon more colorful than they walked in. In some cases, they can even have a different shape!

Here's a quick look at some of the avant-garde add-ons some groomers offer.


Colorful Highlights

Vibrantly colored chalk is used on small areas of a dog to create bold statements in some very unnatural hues. This coloring is temporary and washes out easily — so you may not want to have this procedure done on a rainy day!



Your dog doesn’t have to be a Puli to sport a coat filled with dreads. Look around your neighborhood and you may find dread-ed Poodles and a groomer willing to give your long-haired dog a Rasta look!


Stenciled Designs

Imagine how your pooch would look proudly wearing your favorite team's logo, a holiday design, or a fun decorative image? Stenciled designs are like tattoos for dogs, but this technique uses nontoxic colors that wash off, making them safe, fun and temporary.


Feathers, Jewels & Nail Polish

The list of potential adornments gets longer and longer for the more extroverted pooches and their fashion-conscious parents. Your pet can literally have color from her toes to her feathered ears. And who could resist the sparkle of temporarily attached crystal-like jewels shining through her fur?


Square & Round Faces

If your fashion sense is anything but square, see how your dog’s face fur looks when it’s cut in a square or round shape. This hair-cutting technique is a big hit in Taiwan, which means you could be the first in your local dog park to shake things up with a new and striking look.


Coloring Your Dog: A Word of Caution

You may have seen dogs that have been totally colored from head to tail. This type of dye job goes far beyond the simple plus-ups described above. If you do consider coloring your entire dog, don’t attempt it at home. Have a professional groomer do it — and make sure the groomer uses nontoxic dyes and has a proven track record of safety and quality. Remember: Human hair dye is NOT for dogs. And homemade color elixirs can be dangerous to your dog’s sensitive skin.

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