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Summer Outfit Ideas for Dogs
Summer Outfit Ideas for Dogs

Summer Outfit Ideas for Dogs

Summer! It is all about happy times and sunshine. Pools, picnics, beaches, cookouts, and adventures, we spend this season soaking in the sun with our friends and family.

And when it comes to including our fluffy little pup, it becomes essential to style it into a canine fashionista with a cute dog hairstyle and clothes! After all, doggies are always the showstopper. So, check out all the ways your four-legged pal can comfortably summer with you. Who says cooling clothes for dogs can’t be stylish?

  • Dog cooling bandanas

    Quick, simple and stylish, cooling bandanas are available in an endless array of summertime colors and designs. Juslot wet them in cool water and they are ready to wear! Some people like to refrigerate them first for a little extra chill, but the temperature from the tap is already cool enough to pull heat away from your dog’s body. That's not all! You can get matching bandanas to twin with your furry bestie.

  • Dog cooling vests

    Whether they are on a summer adventure or taking a warm walk, pups can feel as cool as they look in a cooling vest. These vests use evaporative cooling to draw heat away from your dog — first you soak them in water and wring out the excess, then the remaining water cools them off the same way sweat does for you. Exterior designs often employ light colors and reflectivity to further fight the sun’s heat (and look good while doing so).

  • Lightweight shirts

    Did you know that dogs can get sunburned just like us? Lightweight fabrics are great for protection, and there is a summer-themed shirt for every occasion. If you want extra protection, you can opt for shirts designed with built-in UV protection. Remember not to shave your dog to try and keep it cool — shaving only exposes your pooch to a greater risk of sunburn. Throwing on a cute summer shirt is a much safer option!

  • Dog collars and bowties

    Collars come in colorful designs – watermelon slices, popsicles, palm trees, sand dollars, and so on – complementing your serene summery day. Getting ready for a formal affair? You must try a bow-wow DIY dog bowtie with a summer theme to let your pooch look formally casual.

  • Dog swimwear

    Your little friend does not need to be an expert swimmer to sport the summer’s hottest one-piece suits, bikinis, and trunks. It can just lounge by the poolside with its favorite bark-arita. But when your pup is ready for a dip, stylish swimwear will make a splash.

  • Life jackets

    Does your pup want in on all the water action? If your dog's days of summer involve rafts, rivers, boats, lakes, surfboards, etc., you should absolutely give your furry friend some serious flotation assistance. Look for extra safety features such as high-visibility colors and reflective trim — you can even clip on a waterproof LED beacon. No need to rely on the dog paddle when it comes to your pup’s safety!

  • Paw booties

    Ever kicked off your shoes and walked on hot cement? That’s what your little buddy’s doing every time they go outside in the summer! Paw pads are sensitive and cannot naturally cope with the extreme heat that soaks into concrete and asphalt surfaces. Fortunately, there are many paw-protection options that are designed to insulate a dog's toe beans from hot pavement. And if your dog tends to lose a shoe now and then, you can get booties that stay connected to a set of leggings — it is a legit style statement that beats the heat.

  • Cooling mats

    Break time! After a round of fun in the sun, your dog needs a chance to chill, and cooling mats work wonders for bringing down their body temperature. As with most cooling vests and bandanas, many mats use evaporation to aid your pup’s natural cooling process. A lot of mats also use a bladder that you fill with cool water, whereas the high-tech ones contain a pressure-activated non-toxic gel designed to absorb body heat.

  • New dog toys

    New toys will make your dog’s summer sizzle! Plush toys come in all shapes and sizes and incorporate features like squeakers and crinkle paper to keep your pup playing for hours. Choose from ice cream cones, beach gear, baseballs, ocean fish, etc. For something even more exciting, try pool toys that squirt water when chewed, or toys that you fill with wet goodies (like yogurt, peanut butter, or even homemade dog-friendly ice cream) and store them in the freezer for a chilly treat on steamy summer days.

  • Dog sunscreen and bug spray

    Sunburn and bug bites are always on the fashion blunders list, but it’s hard to celebrate summer and avoid them entirely. The good news is that there are solutions specifically formulated to protect your furry friend — just be sure to read the labels carefully and watch for any adverse skin reactions. Apply sunscreen to vulnerable areas with thin or no fur like the nose, around the lips, the tips of the ears and the underbody. Dog-safe insect repellents use natural ingredients like citronella and lemongrass to deter pests like mosquitoes from pursuing your precious pal.

  • Additional dog accessories

    These are the accoutrements that put the “wag” in “swag”. Sunglasses protect eyes from the sun rays and small objects during open-window drives and fresh-air bike rides. Pup-sized sun hats provide shade and protect against sunburn, and so do pup-sized umbrellas. Don’t forget a portable water dish — because hydration is always stylish.

Summer outfit designs for dogs

While you now know the best accessories and summer clothes to style your dog, you must also know some popular summer designs.

  • Florals

    Flowers are evergreen. Floral print is the ultimate summer outfit design. It can add a splash of fun and vibrancy to your dog’s overall look. Go for collars and dresses with floral designs for a princessy aura. In case you style your fur baby using a collar with floral detailing, ensure that you use it with care. There is a high chance that the flowers glued/stitched to the collar will fall off.

  • Stripes

    Stripes are simple and elegant. They complement every look and occasion. A female as well as male dog can look smart, yet cute in striped designs. You can buy shirts, collars, and bowties with this design.

  • Hawaiian prints

    Nothing resembles your ‘chill’ state of mind as perfectly as a Hawaiian-printed shirt. So, if you are all set to take a fun summer trip with your pooch, buy a pair of shirts with Hawaiian prints for the two of you.

  • Tie-dye prints

    Tie-dye prints have become popular since 2020. Summery, light and airy clothes with tie-dye prints will ensure that your dog looks casual, yet stylish!

    Summer is the season of fun in the sun, and you want your pal to share the best moments with you without feeling the heat. With so many cool options, you can keep your favorite little canine companion in its coolest self all summer long!

Frequently asked questions

  • Do dogs like wearing outfits?

    While hoodies and t-shirts can seem comforting, not every dog likes to wear clothes.

  • Is it OK for dogs to wear clothes?

    Dogs naturally come with a layer of coat; hence, dogs do not need clothes. However, if you want to dress your dog up, ensure that you do not leave it on for too long. Moreover, avoid forcing your furry pal to wear clothes if it seems unhappy by it.

  • Do dogs feel hot in clothes?

    Yes. Dogs can feel hot in clothes, especially because they already have a layer of coat over their skin.

  • What fabric is best for dogs to wear in summer?

    Cotton is the best fabric for dogs to wear during summer.

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