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Signs Your Dog Loves You
Signs Your Dog Loves You

Signs Your Dog Loves You

If you are a dog parent, you might have wondered this at least once in your life – does my dog love me? And since dogs and humans have different love languages, it is natural to be unsure about their affection towards us. We are sure about our love for them… why else would we reorganize our hour for their comfort? But what about their feelings for us? And even if they do, how to know if your dog loves you?

While we hug our loved ones, these four-legged angels are not capable of showering us with frequent hugs. However, they have their own way of expressing love. So, all you need to do is identify the gestures that say ‘You are my favorite human’ in dog language. Not sure how? Fret not. This article expounds on signs your dog loves you. Continue reading.

  • Your dog seeks physical contact

    We all shower our loved ones with random hugs as an expression of how they mean the world to us. Dogs too make use of physical contact to let us know that we are their pack. However, dogs don’t like hugs. If your dog leans on you, expects you to pet it, and cuddles with you, your dog loves you from the bottom of its heart.

  • Your dog follows you everywhere

    From separation anxiety to boredom, your pooch’s habit of following you can mean anything. And a lot of dogs follow their pet parents out of sheer love as well. However, pay close attention to your pet’s behavior. If your dog suffers with separation anxiety, you might have to get in touch with a professional trainer immediately.

  • Your dog sniffs you

    Smell is dogs’ best sense and these canine beings use it to explore their environment. When a dog sniffs you, it is one of the signs your dog loves you. In fact, a study conducted by Emory University reveals that nothing lights up a dog’s brain (reward and pleasure area of its brain) more than the smell of a familiar human.

  • Your dog makes eye contact with you

    In the canine world, when a dog stares at another dog, they are probably about to pick a fight. But when your Fido looks at you with relaxed eyes, it means that your pet feels safe around you. A study suggests that most dogs are likely to make eye contact to read what’s going on in their human's mind.

  • Your dog naps with you

    Even when sleeping, canines try to be alert. They sleep in a defensive position with their nose out to smell any threats. Moreover, these four-legged beings sleep in a pack. So, if your pet sleeps next to you, it trusts you completely.

  • Your dog jumps endlessly when you get home

    Every time you come back home from a long day at work, your dog starts jumping and celebrating your return. Now, do we smile from our hearts on seeing someone we do not love? No, right? Most of us love spending time with our loved ones only. So, if your dog treats your arrival as a cause for celebration, it will completely remove the question, “How to know if my dog loves me?”, from your mind!

    Note: If you have a quiet dog, check its tail. If your pet wags its tail on seeing you walk in through the main door, your doggie loves you.

  • Your dog keeps a check on you

    Our pets are always around us, so they don’t really need to check up on us. Yet, our dogs will walk towards us at random hours just to check if we are doing all right. Aren’t dogs the sweetest of all?

  • Your dog brings gifts for you

    Well, your furry friend doesn’t really go to a store and buy something nice for you. Canines are not built for it. But they will bring their favorite toy to play with you. It's like sharing your dog is sharing its most treasured thing with the human it loves the most.

  • Your dog licks you

    Dogs lick their pet parents for different reasons. But, it is generally their way of telling you they love you. When your pet licks you, it could also be seeking your attention. Dogs lick their favorite person when they want to feel a sense of security as well.

    Now that the biggest mystery – how do dogs show affection– has been solved, you can start feeling secure in your dog-owner relationship. If you have been providing your dog with positive experiences, your pooch has no reason to not love you.Many dog love quotes by people can affirm you of your dog's relationship with you. So, breathe easy and enjoy every moment of your life with your best bud.


  • Can a dog tell if he is loved?

    Yes. Dogs know that they are loved by their pet parents.

  • Do dogs pick a favorite person?

    Yes, dogs choose a favorite human based on who matches their energy levels or shelters and comforts them.

  • Do dogs feel love when we kiss them?

    No. Dogs do not understand kisses. However, some dogs enjoy this gesture if they are taught what kisses mean. If your pet is unaware of what it means to be kissed on the head, it might just confuse or stress your dog.

  • How do you tell if my dog loves me?

    Even though dogs and humans can build a deep neural connection, we have different love languages. This can compel you to wonder questions like, “how to know if your dog loves you?”. So, here are a few signs your dog loves you:

    • It sniffs you
    • It feels happy to see you
    • It leans on you
    • It follows you everywhere
    • It looks at you with loving and relaxed eyes
    • It sleeps in your bedroom or even next to you

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